Briggs & Riley

Now through February 28, 2019

Receive a $100 credit for bringing in a Briggs & Riley rolling bag, or a $50 credit for a non-Briggs rolling bag, toward
the purchase of a Briggs rolling bag.

Gently used luggage will be donated to a local charity dedicated to enhancing the lives of others.


Three Little Words…

Engineered for reality. When you’re traveling, they can mean the difference between fast or frantic, relaxed or riled. You see, at Briggs & Riley we do what many consider unthinkable these days. We listen. To customers, to retail partners, to our team of repair experts. Then we design our bags around real-world needs and wants. A handle mounted on the outside of a bag to create more room and flat packing. A pocket to hold toiletries or safeguard your passport. An expansion system that adds capacity then compresses your belongings securely in place. In fact, we have multiple patents designed to make travel, well, easier . It ’s innovative thinking like this – never for innovation’s sake – that sets Briggs & Riley apart. Now combine all that with the only unconditional lifetime guarantee in the business. It’s no wonder our customers are nothing short of Fanatical about our bags. 

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