Our Story

demian-wendrow_amy-lynch-15a-c1aWhen Demian Wendrow and Amy Lynch first met and worked together at London Harness in 2001, they had no idea how much they would grow to have in common.

First, they discovered a shared passion for serving customers in a retail business. It’s a way to express and show their hospitality, which is something that defines them both.

Then they realized a mutual interest in – and expertise for – curating high-quality products, made with a smart sense for style and made to last. And just as much, they particularly enjoy seeking out products by companies that possess a dedication for quality that matches their own.

It didn’t take long for them to learn that they had an interest in each other, as well. Early on, a spark grew, and it became a flame.

They dated. They loved to travel together. And during a very special trip to Paris, Demian proposed to Amy on top of the Eiffel Tower.

Now they are married and the proud parents of their daughter, Addison (and dog, Charlie) and they are one with their passions in life and in business.

Just as much as London Harness and Tumi Wellesley brought them together, it’s as if these are the ideal stores where both Demian and Amy can bring all of their passions to life. The stores are an extension of who they are; an extension of their home, as well.

In the same way, Wellesley is perfect for them because of the town’s strong sense of community, and people who share the same pursuit of quality products and services.

Family. Colleagues. London Harness and TUMI. Community.

These exemplify their passions and identities.

As the new owners of London Harness and TUMI Wellesley, Demian and Amy are devoted to building on a historic London Harness legacy.

“Our associates are the stewards of the London Harness experience. They provide the best — the service and product knowledge our customers desire and deserve — to help them find the perfect gift,” said Demian Wendrow.

“We wouldn’t be here without our customers, whom we eagerly strive to satisfy every day,” said Amy Lynch.

Their commitment to the community shows in the way they lead.

Demian’s voluntary leadership as President of the Wellesley Square Merchants’ Association serves the community with such annual events as July Jubilation, the Holiday Stroll and many others throughout each year.

As a survivor of leukemia in his youth, Demian – along with Amy’s passionate support – are active partners with the local activities of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Just as they value sharing with you their passions, you’ll be invited to share yours, too…the gifts you’re looking for, the people who mean the most to you, the experiences you create when giving your gifts..

Meanwhile, watch Demian and Amy describe how London Harness brought them together and how they, in turn, view their mission is to bring the community together. This video was made in November of 2014 for the occasion of their acquiring London Harness and TUMI Wellesley.